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My name is Ellie, and I run the one-woman show that is Spice of Life. I’m so glad you took the time to check out my shop!

I founded Spice of Life at the beginning of 2022 as a passion project, and it soon turned into the perfect creative outlet for my love of thrifting, commitment to sustainability, and passion for funky fashion. Since then, I’ve camped out at early morning estate sales, visited thrift shops, and scoured the web — all to find pieces that deserve a new life with my customers. What motivates me most is watching people walk away excited about a piece that, while new to them, carries with it so much history and personality. Thank you for your interest in these unique and meaningful vintage pieces!

Our Mission

Clothing is a powerful avenue for self-expression. My hope is that by providing a variety of unique vintage styles, Spice of Life can encourage you to experiment, feel inspired, and most importantly, have fun on your style journey.

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